Forest ReLeaf of Missouri

     There's nothing like taking a trip into a forest or woodlands, but if you grew up in Missouri like I did, you call it "the woods."  It is a magical place where you are immediately transported to where nature is at the forefront and the trees are the star of the show.  It's where you find and pick up the perfect walking stick/brush clearer, hear countless birds chirping about their day and encounter butterflies tagging along with you on your hike.  It's where every step you take, you can hear and feel every fallen leaf and twig crunch beneath your feet traveling from one tree to the next on your hike. 

Canopy of trees

     At Urban Bower we know the many benefits trees have on local communities and the massive global impact that trees have on the environment.  We want urban neighborhoods and communities to have the opportunity to experience the magic of "the woods," which has countless mental and physical benefits along with environmental and economical benefits, which are so numerous it is hard to name them all here.  With that being said, we have partnered with Forest ReLeaf of Missouri and we are donating a percentage of every order along with our time to help provide and plant trees in America's Heartland.

Volunteers planting trees

     Forest ReLeaf was initially founded in 1993 by a group of people who wanted to increase biodiversity and improve the urban canopy. Since then, Forest ReLeaf has operated programs to give trees free of charge to public and nonprofit projects and to areas affected by disaster. Including tree sales, Forest ReLeaf has given away over 230,000 trees in the last 30 years to communities around the region.

     Missouri trees contribute endless benefits to people and places across the state. A growing body of research shows the positive impact trees have on our quality of life, public health, clean air and water, carbon sequestration, biodiverse wildlife, and more.

Saint Louis Arch and Trees

     Forest ReLeaf of Missouri’s mission is to enrich communities by growing and planting trees through the power of people and partnerships.

     This effort supports their vision of a more resilient tree canopy in Missouri’s communities that supports healthy people, healthy habitats and a healthy planet.

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