Urban Bower's Story

                                                                                               Bower Bird     

 When building my company, I was inspired by the Bowerbird, one of nature’s most unique creatures.  The Bowerbird, which resides in New Guinea and Australia, is truly resourceful.  It finds and collects hundreds of colorful objects, including bottle caps and other discarded plastics, to build its “bower,” which it uses during courtship to attract a mate.  This natural recycler takes unwanted items and gives them new life – repurposing them into something beautiful and useful once again.  I wanted to take a page from the Bowerbird’s playbook, so I founded Urban Bower with a simple goal in mind: to help bring new life to materials that would otherwise be discarded. 


With that vision, I have curated a collection of quality products made from recycled and sustainable materials that are designed to be as useful as they are unique.  Each of the products I’ve chosen are as beautiful as they are good for the environment.  I want to bring you products that you want to use every day, feel good about using and gifts your friends and family will love.

At Urban Bower, our mission is not only to bring you great, eco-friendly products, but also introduce you to brands that have wonderful missions of their own.  All of the brands that we offer are making a huge impact in their own way: they are recycling ocean plastics, keeping materials out of landfills, and providing fair wages to local artisans.  When you purchase products from Urban Bower, you are supporting the mission of these brands as well.

This is the beginning of our story, and I hope that Urban Bower can be a part of yours.