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Eco-Friendly Surprises to Make Her Heart Flutter - 5 Green Valentine's Day Gifts

     Valentine's Day is a celebration of love and affection, and what better way to express your feelings than by choosing gifts that not only warm her heart but also contribute to a greener, more sustainable planet. This year, make your Valentine's Day extra special by embracing eco-friendly choices. We've curated a list of five unique and thoughtful gifts that not only showcase your love but also demonstrate your commitment to a greener lifestyle.

  1. SelJak: Recycled Wool Blankets

Two women holding a SelJak Recycled Wool Blanket

Why settle for traditional a blanket when you can gift your loved one something truly unique and eco-friendly? 

Seljak Brand's award-winning recycled wool blankets are made from factory floor offcuts, deadstock yarn, or post-consumer textiles waste like old woolen jumpers.  The mill Seljak works with in Lithuania is almost a century old and its Italian weaving machinery produces very high-quality recycled textiles and intricate designs.  The mill collects offcuts from the factory floors of 16 mills around Europe and pools them together for processing in Lithuania. This mill also weaves with the aforementioned post-consumer textiles yarn made in Italy.​  Recycling wool is important because it’s too precious to throw in the bin. Wool is a natural fiber that is incredibly hard to replicate – it’s a renewable resource, it is odor and stain resistant, lightweight, breathable and insulating.
  1. Modern Sprout: Glow & Grow Candles

Candle and wildflowers in pots

For a unique and eco-conscious approach to gifting candles, consider reusable candle vessels that turn into amazing potted plants.

Burn, plant, and grow! 12 oz ceramic soy-blend candle features a light and refreshing scent and transforms into a planter after the flame has burned down. includes a complete kit to grow either Daisies (Wildflower Fields), Aloe (Dessert Oasis) or a Spruce Tree (Frosted Forest).  All materials and packaging are Earth friendly and the pot can be reused endlessly!

  1. Alersé: Yoga & Workout Mat

Woman stretching on a Alerse yoga mat on beach

Indulge your loved one with a yoga experience that's not only luxurious but also kind to the planet.

Alersé feels that it is super important to be good to our bodies.  That's why they wanted to make sure their mats support a healthy mind and body, using recycled materials that are body and Earth friendly.  Alersé did the research and use NO PVC or harsh chemicals in Alersé mats - 75% of the mat is recycled plastics which is good for you and the planet.  Alersé OmFoam contains 20% algae.  That's the green stuff that grows in rivers and the ocean.  It makes it so their mats are renewable, reduce the carbon footprint and rejuvenate ecosystems by removing harmful algae, leaving clean water.  Alersé mats clean 1,636 liters of water and 1,025 cubic meters of air.

  1. Tiny Treehouses: Horizon's Edge

Tiny Treehouses Horizons Edge wooden kit

Show her how much you care by gifting her something that is equal parts fun, eco-friendly and unique!

Add a little bit of a whimsical touch to your potted plants with Tiny Treehouses wooden kits. Made from sustainably sourced timber and everything is either recyclable or biodegradable. This awesome kit provides hours of fun putting it together and an endless amount of time to enjoy. Perfect for the plant lover!

  1. Nakie: Recycled Hammocks

Woman sitting on a Nakie Hammock

Consider gifting a way to relax and be kind to the planet at the same time!

At Nakie they are passionate about the environment and have created the most eco-friendly, durable and quality hammock on the market.  They wanted to be part of the solution so they are using recycle bottles to create their hammocks. Each double hammock consists of approximately 37 post consumer recycled plastic bottles. This not only gives these bottles a new life but helps remove them from landfills and hopefully decreases the amount of plastic we are seeing in our waterways.  

Crafted with triple stitching & uniquely designed polyester end straps for increased strength and durability, a Nakie hammock is built to a last lifetime.

     This Valentine's Day, let your love shine brightly with gifts that not only capture the essence of romance but also contribute to a greener, more sustainable world. From recycled hammocks made from water bottles to recycled wool blankets, each gift on this list reflects a commitment to environmental consciousness and thoughtful living. Embrace the opportunity to express your love while leaving a positive impact on the planet, creating lasting memories that go beyond the celebration of a single day. Make this Valentine's Day a celebration of love and sustainability.

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