Collection: Alersé

The most comfortable, non-slip, sustainable premium mat you will ever own.

Alersé feels that it is super important to be good to our bodies.  That's why they wanted to make sure their mats support a healthy mind and body, using recycled materials that are body and Earth friendly.  Alersé did the research and use NO PVC or harsh chemicals in Alersé mats - 75% of the mat is recycled plastics which is good for you and the planet.  Alersé OmFoam contains 20% algae.  That's the green stuff that grows in rivers and the ocean.  It makes it so their mats are renewable, reduce the carbon footprint and rejuvenate ecosystems by removing harmful algae, leaving clean water.  Alersé mats clean 1,636 liters of water and 1,025 cubic meters of air.

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