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Recycled Hammock with Straps - Merlot Red

Recycled Hammock with Straps - Merlot Red

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Nakie offers an unparalleled level of sustainability in their hammocks, meticulously constructed from 100% recycled post consumer plastic. At 37 bottles each, recycled materials displace an impressive amount of waste from landfills. 

Nakie created a hammock perfect for occasions such as hiking, camping, and casual use. Weighing 1 lb and comprising no knot straps and carabiners, assembly for the hammock is simple, taking around one minute.

Nakie's hammocks are remarkably spacious and comfortable with a generous 9'10" length and 5'10" width, providing enough room for two people with a 500 lb weight capacity. Additionally, each hammock is constructed with lightweight, breathable material for ultimate comfort. 

  • Double Hammock
    Dimensions: 9'10" x 5'10"
    Weight rating: 500 lbs
    Weight: 1.3 lbs
  • 2 x Hammock Straps
    Length: 7'6" per strap
    Weight rating: 992 lbs
    Weight: 4.5 oz per strap
  • 2 x 12KN Carabiners
    Weight rating: 2645 lbs
    Weight: 2.2 oz per carabiner
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