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Recycled Skateboard Air Plant Holder

Recycled Skateboard Air Plant Holder

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Abstract, one of a kind air plant holder handmade entirely out of recycled skateboards. 

Skateboards are uniquely perfect to be recycled and repurposed into beautiful new products.  Skateboards are made from a series of layers or veneers coated with glue and then shaped into the skateboard design. These veneers are often multi-colored so when you cut into the skateboard, you get a rainbow effect and just like a rainbow, skateboards are made from seven layers. 

Air plants are unique and fun plants, so why not display them in something equally unique and fun!

Finished with a protective polyurethane for a durable and smooth finish.

Approximate size:  3in x 3in x 2.5in

Hole:  1.75in diameter / 1.25in depth

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