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Waxed Journals

Waterproof Pocket Note - Onyx

Waterproof Pocket Note - Onyx

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Crafted with waxed canvas, waterproof paper and a durable binding, the Waterproof Pocket Note - Onyx provides a sturdy, compact option for taking notes in any environment.

Waxed canvas is remarkably resilient and its external beauty is further enhanced with wear and tear. Light fraying may occur over time, which is to be expected of a raw-edged material. Any dirt can be easily wiped away, with loose threads trimmed, creating a product that records your thoughts and stories inside and out.

For optimal performance, ballpoint pens, pencils, and all weather pens are recommended for use on the waterproof paper. Gel and fountain pen inks are not recommended as they may smear; permanent markers can be used, but take more time to dry.

SIZE: 4.5" x 3.75"
WEIGHT: 0.1 lbs
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