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Waxed Journals

Waterproof Pocket Note - Saffron

Waterproof Pocket Note - Saffron

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Constructed with waxed canvas, waterproof paper and stitched binding, this pocket note is compact yet sufficiently durable to endure environmental conditions.

Waxed canvas offers an enduring quality, becoming all the more eye-catching with continued use. A patina of use is acquired as it is exposed to abrasion, scrapes, and dust. The natural frayed edge will become more evident over time. To preserve the notebook, simply brush away soil and clip threads as needed. After which, the pocket note can then serve as a vessel for your life stories.

Ballpoint, pencil and all weather pens are suitable for use on waterproof paper, while gel or fountain pen inks may smear. Permanent markers are recommended but may require extra drying time.

SIZE: 4.5" x 3.75"
WEIGHT: 0.1 lbs
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