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Waxed Journals

Waterproof Slim Note - Lapis Lazuli

Waterproof Slim Note - Lapis Lazuli

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This journal is constructed from waxed canvas, water-resistant paper and a securely bound stitched spine.

The Waxed Canvas cover of this journal is designed to absorb and reflect the daily adventures of its user. Over time, it may become scuffed or marred with dirt and the raw edge may unravel slightly; both changes are indicative of normal wear and can easily be maintained through cleaning and trimming. Once filled, the journal will take the stories of its use with it wherever it goes.

Compatible with ballpoint, pencil and all weather pens, this waterproof paper is best for these writing instruments. Gel and fountain pens may cause smudges, while permanent markers may take a greater length of time to dry on the paper.

SIZE: 4.5" x 5.75"
WEIGHT: 0.2 lbs
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