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Waxed Journals

Waterproof Slim Note - Onyx

Waterproof Slim Note - Onyx

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Crafted from waxed canvas, waterproof paper, and stitched binding, this journal is designed to withstand your outdoor adventures.

The Waxed Canvas cover of this journal is designed to absorb environmental elements, showcasing any bumps, bruises, and scratches you subject it to. The raw edge may fray naturally and should be tended to when needed. Dirt can be removed with a simple wipe, and any loose threads may be cut. Upon full use of the journal, it will bear markings of its journey and the stories it has encountered.

Ballpoint, pencil or all weather pens are most effective when utilized on the waterproof paper; however, gel or fountain pens should be avoided as the ink could potentially smudge. Markers are viable, yet may require a slight delay for full drying on the page.

SIZE: 4.5" x 5.75"
WEIGHT: 0.2 lbs
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