Get Out and Write

Waxed canvas has a way of encapsulating experience into a patina. It will show the scratches, bruises, bumps, creases and dirt you expose it to. That's natural. That's how it should be.  If your journal gets dirty, don't worry. If a few threads pull away from the raw edge, cut them back and go on your way.  The waterproof journals are made out of an environmentally responsible wood pulp paper. It rips like paper, but won't turn to mush when wet. It can be recycled like normal paper, but sheds mud, sweat, and tears. While it is slightly thicker and smoother than plain paper, it balances the classic feel with water resistant technology.

When the pages of a waxed canvas journal are filled, it will carry stories both inside and out.

Don't let your thought escape you on your next adventure